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The power of link trading
Link trading can be a powerful tool in SEO (search engine optimization) if done correctly. When two websites point toward each other through a link, this is a strong indication for Google and other search engines that the websites show similar and relevant content that visitors might find interesting. Therefore we only want to establish link trades with adult websites that are related to porn.

Do you own a porn website or a porn-related website? Then maybe we can work together by setting up a link trade! Before submitting your website through our form, please carefully read the minimum requirements for your website to be accepted.

Minimum requirements to establish a link trade with us
  • - Your website's minimum age is at least six months.
  • - Your website runs on the main domain and not on a sub-domain.
  • - Your website contains a good amount of unique, high-quality content.
  • - Your website has a DA (Domain Authority) of 14 or higher

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